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Checking your score will show you how well you're managing engagement over time

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Checking your score will show you how well you're managing engagement over time

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Customer Testimonial:

I wish I’d had Fundamental Marketing advising me and my Client, 4 months ago! 


Since then we’ve had 3 warnings from our ESP on bad email practice and too many spamtraps despite our best efforts to clean our list.


Despite the fact we thought we were doing pretty well on email list cleansing, after a short discussion with Fundamental Marketing, I found out we had a hell of a lot to learn and in less than a week, with their help, we believe we’re now well on the road to having and maintaining a clean list and getting back into our ESP's and the ISPs good books … but it takes time; better not to have got there in the first place!


If anyone else is questioning their email deliverability rates or list cleanliness, I’d strongly recommend you connect with Fundamental Marketing and get their help; if you’re just starting, contact him so you don’t make the same mistakes we made!


Thanks for all your help.

Nick S.

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