ConnectDingo with LinkLeads
Dual User

Small sales teams of 2 need to be as agile and quick as possible to react to opportunities.
Sharing winning strategies while keeping costs down is our focus. This is why ConnectDingo created the Dual User Package specifically for your effective sales team of two.

ConnectDingo with LinkLeads Connects Your Contacts To Your CRM

To make all of this work, we have three moving pieces. The first one is your CRM which you already have. 

The second, ConnectDingo with DingoLink Add-On will be purchased from the ConnectDingo website.​

The third part is to subscribe LinkLeads.

This page will walk you through the process of doing this.

Finally, the implementation process will tie these three pieces together. 

There are three parts for this set up...

  1. Sign Up for ConnectDingo and the DingoLink Add-On
  2. Sign Up for a LinkLeads Subscription
  3. Sign Up for the Implementation Service

the first of its kind... an intelligent social media marketing system for Linkedin

Sign Up For ConnectDingo

$349 One Time On-Boarding provided by a ConnectDingo Success Coach Team Member.

$500 Monthly Subscription

$99 Monthly DingoLink Add-on (Waved)

ConnectDingo is the first of it's kind... An intelligent Social Media Marketing System for LinkedIn.

When signing up for ConnectDingo, you will be prompted to complete the following steps:

  1. Select Your Server Location
  2. Continue To Check Out (Total Due $849 USD) 

    $500 / Month On-going

(aka "the Magic Button")

Sign Up For LinkLeads

$37 Monthly  (Single Button)


$67 Monthly  (Unlimited Buttons)

LinkLeads bridges the gap between your ConnectDingo and your CRM.

Combining these two powerful services enables you to make the most of your LinkedIn leads.

Based on your needs, you may require more than one button for various landing pages.  When you sign up, chose single button or unlimited buttons.

* If you're unsure, sign up for the "single button" option, you can always upgrade.

Time To Implement Everything!


Fundamental Marketing is one of the leading integration partners with ConnectDingo and LinkLeads.

Sign Up For Integration

$450 for Basic Setup


$1,200 for "Done For You" Setup


$2,000 for Complete "Done For You CRM Integration" Setup

Pulling this all together is quite detailed and requires an implementation expert to help you get things working as you expected.

Fundamental Marketing is here to help you tie it all together. Starting with the basic setup and on-boarding process through a complete Done For You process connecting everything through to your marketing automation platform.

With the Complete Integration, we will also monitor the customer journey for a month after launch.

Select one of the implementation options below.



Setup: 2 Days

  • Setup ConnectDingo Personalized Token.
  • Configure LinkLeads and deliver code to place on landing page.

Secure Payment.



Setup: 1 week

Everything in the Basic Setup Plus:

  • Work with you to develop strategic plan and customer journey.
  • Program ConnectDingo Message Sequence.
  • check
    Implement LinkLeads Code on Landing Page.
  • check
    Create CRM Follow Up Messaging Strategy.

Secure Payment.

Complete Integration


Setup: 2 Weeks

Everything in the DFY Plus:

  • Setup automation in your CRM / Marketing Automation System.
  • Monitor and adjust campaign performance for 1 month.

Secure Payment.

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