The Foundations of Marketing for the Modern Entrepreneur

The Foundations of Marketing for the Modern Entrepreneur

​Anyone can start a business...
But it takes a solid foundation for one to thrive

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Your Time Can't Be Replaced:

Do you seem to find yourself spending a lot of time in FB groups, webinars, downloading PDFs, studying cheat sheets, taking advice, looking for the next tactic or lever to pull – but not getting the results needed  from your Marketing?

How about investing in multiple online courses or business coaches and STILL finding yourself struggling to manage your marketing and make  your business profitable?

Do you seem to find yourself spending a lot of time in FB groups, webinars, downloading PDFs, studying cheat sheets, taking advice, tweaking things – but not getting the results needed for your business?
How about investing in multiple online courses or business coaches and STILL finding yourself struggling to manage everything especially making your business profitable.

Too many business owners are dealing with the same exact issue

You know you need to put marketing systems and processes in place, but your not actually doing it.

  • Your always focusing on the next tactic
  •  You spend tons of time researching
  • You feel frustrated
  • Your not getting traction
  • Your overwhelmed by too many experts and the next trick
  • You've lost focus on your purpose and mission
  • Your not spending enough time on revenue generating activities!

You're Not Alone

I am Evan Samurin, and like ​most ​entrepreneurs I did ​most everything wrong ​when I got started.   I jumped ​right in head first and never looked back.  I didn’t ​invest the time or energy needed into creating a solid foundation so that I ​would have a profitable and ​scaleable business.  Instead I focused on every tactic I could leverage, and every lever that I could pull to generate revenues.  How short sited was I?

The fact is I ​understand exactly how you feel.  Overworked, tired, frustrated, underpaid and continually dealing with the same types of challenges over and over again ​ always looking for the next revenue lever ​to ​pull.  ​​With all of the noise out there and all of the experts ​talking about funnels and webinars and Facebook ads and bots it is really easy to get caught in the trap. I completely relate to where you are!  

I come from a family of Entrepreneurs.  My grandfather, mother and father owned there own businesses.  I remember looking back to my mother and fathers businesses and the struggles and successes that ​they ​ had.  ​

I started my first business at the age of 18 while in college and I have been a student of business and Entrepreneurship ever since.  Over the past 7 years I have worked with and consulted entrepreneurs and businesses on their sales and marketing processes and systems.  ​ During that time, I have seen some businesses thrive and others ​fail.  I have looked under the hood of several thousand business and I know what works and what doesn't, and I am going to share that with you!

Seeing businesses struggle and sometimes parish hits me at my core as I understand what goes into a starting  and running a business.  That is why I have made it my mission to help Business owners ​ see that just hard work and tactics is not the way to build and scale a business... rather creating a business with a solid foundation, core principles and all of the fundamentals in place is the way to create and grow a thriving business.

The key to a successful business is in the foundation you build.  It is in the fundamental principles we so often just skip over or don't know.  That is why I am here, to give every business owner the pathway to building a successful and scaleable business with a solid foundation that will allow them to thrive.

One of my greatest gifts is the the ability to take complex strategies or processes and break them down in a way that is easy to consume and implement, I call this the reduction of the ​ridiculous. I use this gift to help businesses of all types and in varying stages to not just survive, but to lay a foundation for success and growth.

We are not about tactics, tricks and strategic levers to pull, we are about creating the foundation for success and long term growth so you can have the business you always wanted.  Just like building a house, you must start with a solid foundation.  You cannot build your house up until you have built your foundation out.   Whether you are just getting started building your business, or your looking to grow and scale (like adding a second level to your house), we can help you.

​So that is my story, the guy that has had success and made mistakes and witnessed others do the same and has an extreme passion for helping businesses and people thrive.  I want you to save time, save money, eliminate the stress I know you have and ​create the business and financial position that you have always dreamed of.  This will take work, this will take time, this will take doing some things that are uncomfortable, but when you do it, you will see the success in your business and lfe  that you have always wanted.

What people Are Saying

Evan’s vast experience with sales & marketing strategies around small business come from the front lines. His experience in a consultative environment forced him to understand every bit of value his clients would receive across hundreds of personalities, skill sets, industries, business types and more. Evan lives “learn and teach everyday” as he passes on what he learns to help others... Evan is a pleasure to work with and anyone that taps into that knowledge will be better off for it.

Bill H.

Integrity, Honest, Enthusiastic and Extremely Capable are the four phrases which summarize my 18 months working with Evan. I’m not the order of these phrases matters.
I found Evan extremely capable and when something I needed help with wasn’t clear, he sought the right solution to help me every time. That’s honesty and integrity in action.
He always did more that he committed.
He is a rare professional!

Craig J.

There aren’t enough words to describe how awesome Evan is. There are few people on this planet that are as professional, kind, caring, intelligent, competent and fun as Mr. Samurin. There are only a handful of people that I know I could depend on and Evan is one of those guys. He genuinely cares about other people and is an extremely intelligent person. He is a savvy business man and marketer and a great communicator. At the end of the day, he’s just a blast to be around too. Evan will get you the business results you want and make the entire process extremely enjoyable.

Michael H.

I worked closely with Evan for about 18 months. Evan helped to not only set goals but to meet or even exceed them. Evan is not only highly supportive, but I also learned immensely from Evan every day. Evan taught me about creating value for a prospect to ultimately sell them a product that would enhance their business. Evan brings a lot of knowledge and great energy to whatever he does.

Terri R.

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