Email Deliverability: Why is Email Deliverability so important?

Why is email deliverability so important?

Aug 15

Email marketing, and specifically email deliverability, affects the livelihood of almost every business today. Unfortunately, email deliverability is not always talked about or understood. Nor are the effects that poor deliverability has on a sales funnel and profits.

When it comes to increasing your sales, you have two primary choices.

  1. Increase your ad spend to drive more leads.  
  2. Increase conversions and close more sales

You may be saying to yourself... "I have a great funnel in place already, I can't improve it".  You may not be able to improve your funnel, but you can increase the number of eyes that get to see your emails by improving your email hygiene practices which impact deliverability.   A delivered email, one that lands in the inbox rather than the promotional folder in gmail or the spam folder, has a greater chance of being read.

Think of it this way, let’s say you had a new product for $197.  If you have a list of 4,000 and you get an open rate of 10% = 400 opens. 

Now, of the opened emails, 25% buy your offer = 100 new sales.  
$197 x 100 = $19,700 !!

What if you wanted to double that?  And, what if you have optimized your funnel as best you can.  You can spend money on ads and 2-3x your add spend to double your sales.  OR, you can get more emails in to the inbox to be opened.  You accomplish that with good email hygiene and email deliverability.

If you were to clean your list, practice good deliverability habits, and you removed the toxins in your list, your list might drive down to 3,500 but, a result is that you could increase your deliverability by 50%.  And, in doing so, present your emails to more people and, you can go from an open rate of 10% of 4,000 emails to 25% on 3,500 emails = 875 opens.  Assuming the same 25% of the opens buy your offer = 875 x 25% = 218 new sales.  An increase of 118 customers x $197 = an addition $23,246  

The ONLY thing you fixed was your deliverability and inbox placement.

You see, it is really simple, if your messages are not reaching your intended recipient then it doesn't matter how great of a funnel you have built, it just won't convert any higher than where it is currently.

Even if you spend money on ads, the list is toxic and will begin to impact the deliverability of the newly added contacts.  Therefore, clean your list, keep it clean, generate more sales, then start to grow your list, the clean way.

A consistent focus on email hygiene and marketing practices is vital if you are going to scale your business, increase conversion rates, and improve your ROI.

The point here is for you to start maximizing the opportunities that you already have rather than just continue to spend money on more leads who won’t get your emails. 

You do that by ensuring your emails actually make it to the inbox!

If you want to start learning more about email deliverability, download our free eBook The 5 Tips To Avoid The Spam Folder & Land In The Inbox!


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